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Sunday, September 18, 2011

DOUBLE week update! 9-4 through 9-18-11

Last week we were out of town so I have TWO weeks to update! I hate when I get behind...but whaddya do?

Two weeks ago we started out with Labor Day. Some friends of ours had an adult Work event so we had 4 extra little girlies with us! The kids had a blast! It was the baby's 1st birthday that day so we had cupcakes and homemade icecream. The BEST part was at the end of the evening when we were cleaning up and I found her under the table, finishing off all the cupcake crumbs the kids had left behind! She was having her own little party all on her own under the table!

The first week of school went really well and the kids are excited about all the things we plan on doing this year. (And secretly so am I!) Okay, not secretly. I LOVE homeschooling the kids. There are definitely days that are hard. Days that I'm exhausted, have a bazillion things to do and think about what life would be like if we didn't homeschool. But for now I LOVE having my children home with me. They bring me much happiness and I love being the one to pass on information and knowledge. I also love seeing what good friends my kids are with eachother. Of course they often fight and bicker. If they didn't that wouldn't be normal! But they also LOVE to play together and be together as a family. I LOVE to hear that from their mouths.

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