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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sacramento Trip-Photography Workshop {A Day with Amy}

Friday September 9th I spent the morning dropping kids off at friends houses for the weekend, and then Duck, Emma and I headed down to Sacramento! I had never been there and was pretty excited! The event? A photography workshop with my friend Amy. Her family was in our ward in Anchorage and she has become an incredible photographer! She began teaching 'A Day with Amy' workshops and they have been successful! I am one such story (I hope!).

Friday night we got in early enough to go to the Sacramento Temple. Wow the temple grounds were beautiful! Just being in the parking lot I felt the spirit and was excited to be there. We don't have the opportunity to be at the temple frequently since it's 1 1/2 hours away from us (in Medford) and finding child care becomes difficult. Even tonight we had to just take turns while the other was with Emma, but oh it was so worth it!


Saturday was the workshop and it was exactly what I needed! I feel like I can comfortably take someones pictures in Auto and be okay with it. It's not a business. It's not intended to be. I photograph for the purpose of capturing my childrens childhood and our family memories. But when a friend asks me to do pictures and have time...then I love to help out. But I shoot in AUTO. Amy's workshop has helped me truly understand how to shoot in MANUAL! yes...the scary word that I have avoided since getting my camera. BUT I learned so much and I'm so grateful that Duck was supportive in not only letting me go, but joining me! Now when I'm unsure of what to adjust when taking a picture he can help me out! It was so much fun being together all weekend and having Emma all to myself! (oh, I guess I had to share her with Duck)


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