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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Medford Pear Orchard

The church has a Pear Orchard in Medford and each year during the harvest we are encouraged to consecrate a certain amount of time helping to pick. I was able to get sitters for Kids Wednesday morning and go with a friend. With the Craft thing so close and sign ups starting this weekend, I had LOTS On my plate this week! Nonetheless I needed to go and do my time. I was running on only 2 hours of sleep but picking went well. I got this picture before we got started. It was early.


We watched the sun rise.


While picking I had a branch wack me right in the eye. The way it hurt is very hard to explain. Burning, pain...water streaming! I finally was able to keep picking and get us home...but wait till you hear the rest of my day.

On the drive home we were looking for Blackberry bushes. I pulled over when we found a lot and behind me was a cop. With his lights on. Who knows how long he had been following me because through Duck's DARK windows I could barely see his lights flashing. Of course he was hesistant to approach a dark vehicle, with dark windows and big ol' fatty tires. It took some convincing before he really believed our story. I still got a ticket. For speeding. And dark windows. :(


We picked berries and headed home. About 10 minutes before arriving back home my eye just went crazy! I could barely see and was afraid I wasn't goign to be able to finish the drive! I did make it though and was able to get myself around to pick up all the kids as well.

The rest of the afternoon I was supposed to spend finishing 5 CRAFTS to for the craft Day. I could barely see. My eye burned and hurt and cried all day. And the tears caused my nose to run. By dinner time it was making me feel physically ill. I had to finally go to bed for a few minutes! With how little sleep I had had, the two tickets, the stress of what I was supposed to get done and then the pain from my eye....it was a pretty crappy day. And somehow I was supposed to clean my house and host our preschool meeting the next morning. Forget it. I had Maliyah make me a darling HUGE sign that said 'meeting at the church!' It worked great and thank goodness when I woke up Thursday morning my eye felt just fine!

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