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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Father Day | Family Time

Since we were traveling in Utah for Ky’s birthday, he had to wait to get his ‘big’ birthday gift.  I think the pictures speak for themselves…..later that Day Duck took Ky out golfing. He. Loved. It.

 June 20133

That morning though, we took the whole family up to the Praise in the Park. It’s a large event that a local church puts on yearly.  They have all kinds of free events, and booths that people set up for all kinds of reasons.  The kids’ fav part was by far the bouncy house, but the Ambulance and Emergency Helicopter sure came in a close 2nd!

June 20134

They had princes and knights, dressing the kids up, telling stories and taking pictures of kids in this beautiful carriage.  (top right images are the kids getting tatoo’s)

June 20135 

The next day was Fathers Day!  We love Fathers Day,  Mothers Day,  and birthdays around here. Any excuse for the kids to scrounge the house for things to wrap up as gifts is a hit.  We also worked together to make Dad a special gift to wear at church.

June 20137

Tie tacs, with pictures of his very own beloved children.  We made them with Shrinky Dinks and after a few tries we finally got the hang of it and made them work!  Let’s just say, he had a tie full.  We also made tie tacs for the kids. A pic of Duck’s head that said the Best Dad EVER.  Lol, it was a bit of a humorous picture, the kids got a kick out of it.  Below are the images we used on their tie tacs for dad.

June 20136

June 20138

Dad’s choice for Dessert.  Emma…yeah. She loved it.  I think I have about 30 pictures of her eating her pie. She cracks me up.

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