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Sunday, July 21, 2013

A trip to Portland

It’s summer time, which means Duck has golf Tournaments around every corner. Normally I just go on and do my own thing with the kids, but one weekend Duck’s tournament was in Portland and I thought it would be awesome to ride along! It was a super last minute decision…Duck and I had JUST gotten home from Coos Bay the night before and the week before just returned from Utah.  What were we thinking…but oh well! We went along anyway!  The best part was that my cousin lives just near Vancouver, only about 45 min from where the golf course was, so we were able to go and visit her and her kids in their new home! What a fun day it was and so wonderful to catch up! Love you Danielle!

Their Venus Fly trap. Danielle caught a HUGE fly and we fed the plant….

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Then the kids found a Ladybug.  Yum

6-24-13 (15)x

The Next Day Danielle texted me that the fly was still alive!

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The middle pic has a story.  We told Emma to give him a kiss….apparently neither of them liked the idea.

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Thanks for letting us crash for the day! We love you guys!

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