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Monday, July 22, 2013

The Party is ON!

So once Becca left, we started the REAL party!  JK….she always WAS the party, so now with her gone we had to find some way to entertain our kids! So Chuck E Cheese became the entertainer of choice.

chuck e cheese

Always better with Cousins!  May favorite though was the picture I got with Emma and Nanna (the sketch).  I keep it in the diaper bag now…LOVE IT!

chuck e cheese1

OUr trip in Utah had been long and wonderful, but we were quite thrilled be home and back with Duck.  He had inventory in Coos Bay the weekend after we got home, and had arranged for me to join him! Every year when he works there, we all go as a family….but this year I was the lucky one to have him all to myself! Of course when he wasn’t working.  We got up there thursday afternoon and after dropping him off at work, checking into the hotel and taking a quick nap, I headed out to visit Candance who had come to the PRO Day with Amy Retreat in May.  We went out for Pedicures and a Japanese Dinner.  Yum!


Duck finished working earlier than anticipated that night, so he dragged me….I mean took me to the Coos Bay Speed Way.  I have to admit, it would have been fun had it not been freezing, and us having gone totally unprepared (I was still in my flipflops and a skirt!).  But I was with the love of my life, so how could I not be happy!?

coos bay speedway

Friday morning Duck only had to work a couple of hours so I slept in, worked out, took a shower then we headed out together to Bandon to go Crabbing! We had never been before so this was definitely a first!  And it will for sure not be the last. WE had a blast! Despite the super cold wind, and only catching 1 crab (that was big enough to keep) I loved it!  I can’t wait to take the kids.  The best part was dumping out the tiny crabs and watching them scurry about trying to find their way back to the water!

We used ring baskets and you just throw them in and wait about 15 minutes then pull them up to see what’s inside!  The bait we used was just frozen raw chicken.  Who’da thought that crabs like chicken!?

coos bay crabbing

coos bay crabbing1

We were very pleased with our 1 catch and honestly, it was plenty for me (not a huge shellfish eater myself).  We had rented our equipment from  Tony’s Crab Shack just right off the pier, and they also will cook your crab for you. So we enjoyed a delicious lunch with our crab as the appetizer.

coos bay crabbing2 

After lunch we headed back NOrth again to go 4wheeling in the sand dunes.  I didn’t take my camera on that adventure, but I took a ton of pictures and video on Duck’s phone. I’ll have to make sure and remember to get him to load those onto the computer!
4 Wheeling was fun, and certainly an adventure!  Duck’s broke down about 20 minutes in, just as we were reaching the beach.  They brought us a new one and added an hour onto our time…wahoo!~ WE then made our way out to the dunes. Oh my. They are HUGE!!  We tried to stay away from the super steep tall ones, but there were more than 1 occasion when I just didn’t quite make it to the top and got stuck! Thanks to Duck I was saved every time…lol I learned to identify better what I was capable of doing!

After we cleaned up at the hotel (got rid of all the sand under my clothing!) we headed back down to Bandon for Dinner.  We found a place just on the coast with a great view. I think it was called Edgewater?  Anyway, we ordered their Calamari appetizer. We have had calamari lots, but it was never quite like this!  It was pan fried, but they served the whole squid, not just the body cut into rings like most places.  Yes, chewy tentacles and all.  (and then Duck’s seafood extravaganza leftovers!  Who would have thought leftovers to be so colorful and pretty?)

dinner and sunset

After Dinner we hung out on the dock and waited for the sun to set. We never get to see a sun set on the coast because we always have the kids and are in bed by that time!~  It was a beautiful (but chilly) night….and an amazing weekend with my Best Friend!

dinner and sunset1

There are still about three more posts for June, so make sure to go back a page and check them out!

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