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Sunday, July 7, 2013

An attempt at catching up! {MAY}

(gotta warn ya now...I made the mistake and downsized my files too much, so my quality here is kinda crappy dang it!)

I’m going to TRY to play a little catch up on the blog. With my new calling taking me away more on Sunday’s, all the traveling, and then a deal I made with Duck to only do this while the kids were sleeping….it’s been nearly impossible to keep up.  NOt to mention, you do all the fun things we do, take a bazillion pictures….how IS is possible? Well, I’m going to try to make it so, I just might have to find a different way to do it.

This last Spring Kyson played Baseball.  He LOVED it! And from what I heard, he was a pretty good hitter. But we’ve learned he has a bit of stage fright and kinda clams up a bit during games.

(the dirt picture is what the little ones do during games….get dirty!)

 May 2013

As Ky was busy with Baseball, Maliyah tried Soccer for her first time and really liked it!  She was really nervous about all the running, but she quickly learned it’s a lot more fun to run when there is purpose and you are with friends!  She was a great cheerleader from the sides when she wasn’t playing.  She even once got a little carried away and stepped into the game!
May 2013 (1)

A yearly tradition that we have developed, is a girls night with our good friends while the guys go to the Father Son CAmpout.  We switch who hosts it each year. Last year was at our house, so this year we slept over at The DAvis house!  Raegan had it all planned out, the girls were going to play pioneer, dress up, do everythign outside, without shoes and sleep under the stars. They did nearly all that too!  I enjoyed their beautiful backyard and taking a million pictures.

May 2013 (2)

Maliyah loves their house cause they have animals!

May 2013 (3)

Comment from the girls when they saw the rabbits (pictured below):  “Look! They are trying to keep each other warm!”  Yup girls, keep thinking that.  The best part is they are both male.

May 2013 (4)

Emma was crazy in love with the animals too.  At one point the two cats were sitting in the yard about 10 ft away from eachother. She would pet one, then walk over and pet the next and then go back and forth until finally one of them went away. 

The kids started their own fire, roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and just had a blast!

OH yeah, and the little girls were inside playing game.  Nanna and Jilli are just the best of friends.  The picture of Jilli looking mad? and upset while looking at the game? That was really just a funny face she was making during the game.  lol, we were all laughing looking at the camera and how she really looked like she was upset and crying!

May 2013 (5)

In the morning Maliyah and Raegan even made the breakfast outside!  Also pictured are the flowers that Duck got for me mothers Day weekend.  We’ve done flowers a little bit here and there, but this time he went a little extra for me and for the first time I actually thought my yard looked pretty! too much it froze over two weeks later and KILLED everything!

May 2013 (6)

This year we had our POsitive Notes recital at a Park instead of the Library. The library has been GREAT to let us use their facilities, but it was a beautiful spring, we were singing take me out to the Ball game and really wanted to have fun with it. So that was our theme! We actually set up RIGHT in the Baseball diamond at a park (a grass covered one), and for our refreshments had peanuts, popcorn, candy and Juice Boxes!  I got each kid a plastic bat and ball set from the $ store and after the recital any families that wanted to stay and play a little ball was welcome! It turned out so much fun and it was such a beautiful night, I think we’ll do it more often!~  I didn’t end up getting a group shot or any of the actual recital.

May 2013 (7)

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Way to catch those rabbits humping. Very mature lol.