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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July | Project.12 | Fire

We had just returned from Camping when I remembered the theme for this month….Go figure.  The kids had spent over an hour gathering little sticks, bark…whatever they could find the morning we were leaving to keep the fire going. THAT would have been a perfect picture opportunity.  Lol, oh well.

We ended up taking a few minutes to take some bows to give away.  My kids have often helped me with little projects like this, but I have to admit the boys sure don’t get near as excited as the girlies do!   These little bows are made from fabric that has Polyester in them and therefore they melt rather than burn when you apply a little FIRE.  We cut them in circles, squares, whatever shape the kids wanted, and then just burn the edges with a little fire.  Ky and Maliyah were great to help the littles and I LOVED Jayden’s tiny blue bow!




Playing around with smoke…


Half way through the project, Jayden found out we were leaving on a date that night…he wasn’t too thrilled.  Kinda ruined his night. Glad my little guy loves us so much!


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