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Sunday, July 7, 2013

May Cont… {Day with Amy Photography Workshop & Retreat}

  By the way, my attempt at catching up is to only get May done, and that’s not including our HUGE family reunion we had in New Mexico. I’m not quite done with all those photo’s, that might be a days’ blog post all by itself cause I have so many pictures.

MOthers Day this year was wonderful. All the things you hope for as a mom, to sleep in, to not have to do the cooking or cleaning and to just be able to hang out with your kids and enjoy them! And that’s exactly what we did.   When the kids asked what I wanted to do for Mothers Day, I told them I wanted to make a summer wreath!  We used Yarn, which isn’t really summery, but it’s a colorful wreath I can put out and enjoy!

Getting a picture with my kiddo’s is also a HUGE bonus!

(the other pic is of the Camera Straps that the kids helped me make for all the gals coming to my house for the PRO photography Retreat that was that next week!)
 May 2013 (8) 

For a few reasons, one huge one being the PHotography retreat being held at my house, I did a little cleaning up and decorating.  Since we have lived here I hadn’t really done much in my bathroom. It was really blah. I had this darling picture I made for my dad for Christmas of all the grandkids (a collage) and because the lab messed and mailed it to me when they were supposed to have it done for pickup, I got an extra one for free!  The bathroom was the perfect place to put that colorful image, so we did a bit of painting to brighten things up, added another canvas of my kids and one other colorful picture of Emma in her raincoat and I LOVED it!

(oh and added a few touches to the laundry room too)

May 2013 (10)

The PRO Photography Retreat, and Day with Amy workshop that I hosted were both fabulous!  Having these ladies stay at my house was so much fun. Duck was amazing as always and took the kids away to the coast for three days so we could make it happen.  I cannot WAIT to share all about it, but that’s also going to have to be a post all of it’s own. I’m almost done with the editing of our sessions we did that week and then I’ll share that one. In the mean time here are just a couple from my house and one from the Day workshop that we held in a conference room at the Holiday Inn.

May 2013 (9)

After duck got home, and all the workshop stuff was done and our company left town, we needed some family time, so we took the kids out to the park to fly kites.  I LOVE flying kites, but even more I love watching my kids try!  It’s so funny! 

Pictured below:
Nanna sad because Emma kicked the ball when it was her turn…then she finally got a turn and was happy again.

May 2013 (11)

May 2013 (12)

I LOVE this picture!  I had fun just playing around with my camera, and took a TON of pictures, but i love this one because Duck really is such a great Dad. He isn’t perfect, but he is perfect for our kids and for me and I LOVE it!
5-20-13 (80)x

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