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Sunday, March 10, 2013

It’s been a LONG time!! {Covering February through mid March}

{although I really tried to limit these posts to just a few favorites pictures, 6 weeks is 6 weeks, and there is a lot.  Enough that instead of having all my posts on one page like I've requested the blog to do...it's put it on two pages. Biggest problem? If at the end of this page you don't select to see past posts...you will miss pictures of the cutest two babies EVER! Not to mention some of my hot hubby and my sweet and sassy 1 year old, so make sure to click back and look at the second page of posts!)

And I’m not going to apologize for slacking, because I haven’t. I have just chosen to spend my time in a different way such as spending 3 weeks in Utah visiting brand new babies, working like crazy on my calling since in one week we had our Stake Activity Day Girls activity, the blue and gold Banquet and the start of our new Combined Scouts  Program starting (which just in itself was hours of work!).  So, there ya have it…my busyness. Now onto the fun stuff!

On Tuesday January 29th I was on my way taking the kids to Swim lessons when I got a text from my sister Janine, telling me she was at a Dr appointment getting an ultrasound and that there is a chance they may have to take the baby early.  Then during swim, it was confirmed. Not only were they going to take the baby early, but it was going to be THAT day!!!    All the sudden I went into panic mode…how fast could I pack and how soon could we leave!

Everything was fine, and the funny part is Janine was WAY more calm than me.  But if it were reversed…I would probably be the same as her.  But I wanted to be there ASAP and had about 1 day to get a LOT of stuff done!

Baby Adelaide was born healthy, wonderful and adorable just 90 minutes after my brother Nate and his wife Dixie had their baby Blake!  YAY!! Twin cousins!  So Wednesday we packed up and Thursday we headed to Utah!

Before I move onto to more about the babies and the trip, I need to finish off February!

The weekend before leaving we had some fun late nights, and friends over for the weekend.  Below are some pics of our fun weekend!

  1-26-13 (8)x  1-26-13 (7)x  1-27-13 (3)x

Monkey Brains | The best boys hair product ever. And yes I use it for my girls too.  You can’t get it in stores anymore, so we stocked up from our ebay supplier!


It was Sammie’s Birthday on the 29th so we pulled together a little birthday party.  We had fun making her cake, decorating the house and watching her open her present!  Sure love that little girl!

1-29-13 (8)x

OKay…onto our trip!  We had a great drive there, and that night, Thursday I got to be at Janines house when she returned from the hospital.   Meet Baby Adelaide.  6 lb 8 oz

1-31-13 (1)x

And then darling Baby Blake!  8lb 6 oz

2-2-13 (3)

Having fun at Gma and Gpa’s!~

2-3-13 (8)x  2-3-13 (10)x

I was overdue for some pictures for Savannah and Emma. Over Christmas break Maliyah and I had a sewing day and made these matching skirts. I saved them for these pictures.  Emma 21 months, and Savannah 3 1/2.  My babies are growing up!

2-3-13 (21)xxx   2-3-13 (59)xx 

2-3-13 (119)x

2-3-13 (125)xx

Although these pictures were all about the little girls, this was Sunday morning and the boys were all dressed up too, so we included them.  Jayden INSTISTED on getting some done of just him.  He is too funny, and looks way too handsome here!

2-3-13 (171)xx  2-3-13 (108)xx

Savannah and Emma are the funniest cutest little toddlers. They love each other so much, but fight like crazy! I can’t wait to watch them grow up together. I’m so blessed to have them!

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