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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March Project.12 Lyrics {Maliyah}

I’ve been trying with this project, to not think into the theme too much…to let my first thought guide my direction. Well the first thought when I saw Lyrics, was of my Maliyah.  This girl LOVES music.  She is so much like me it’s scary, but as annoying as it is sometimes to see her crawled in a corner or in the hall with her music, I have memories doing the same thing! Listening to the same song over and over and writing down the words so I could learn it word for word? 


One day after I couldn’t stand hearing the same line over and over (as she was trying to write down every lyric) I showed her the magic of google and typed in ‘lyrics’ and the name of that song.  Wow! That opened up a whole new world to her!

We also love how easy it is to just download one favorite song from Amazon, rather than a whole album!  Every time she hears a new song that she loves she begs for me to buy that song!  I’m so glad she is content with a song rather than a whole album…so much cheaper!

DSC_0059xs   DSC_0062xs

I put together a binder of the Lyrics to Maliyah’s favorite songs.  I also made her a CD of just those songs.  She has been listening to it over and over and over!  She has a beautiful singing voice so I love hearing her sing!  Next I want to make one of her favorite primary songs. I LOVE to hear her sing songs from church!


DSC_0073xs  DSC_0072xs 

The best part though is when she has the head phones on, but she is still singing with full enthusiasm! 


Maliyah has many talents, but I’m grateful that she has found a love for music so that it can become one of them too.  She is my oldest child, but my youngest best friend.  I would rather hang out with Maliyah than alone any day.  I love taking her shopping with me…or just about anywhere I go. Yes, her and I are both human, so therefore we have our differences; but she is one amazing little girl and is going to grow up to be an amazing woman.  I’m so proud to call her mine and grateful for this excuse to spotlight just her!


To see more about this Project.12 go to this site.


Tammy Smtih said...

This is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Love the direction you took with these!

Lindsay said...

This is wonderful! I especially love the shots where you can see that she's singing, and how much she loves it.

Carrie Plastow said...

That's adorable! What a good story to document.