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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Enjoying baby and everything else!

When we arrived in Utah a couple of my kids has sniffly noses so we held out for a long time letting kids hold or touch the baby.  I’m talking ALL kids, even Janines kids hardly got to hold or touch her!  Finally after about 2 weeks my kids got their first chance to hold little Adelaide.  Oh how they were in heaven!

2-12-13 (54)x  2-12-13 (65)

She was chillin’ while Janine and I were decorating the nursery.

2-9-13 (10)x

On the 11th we enjoyed a Family Home Evening at Austin and Emma’s apartment.  It was so fun to where they were living and the kids LOVED being there with them!  We had a great time, thanks for letting us take over your home!

2-11-13 (10)x

Playing Pictionary for our Game

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Tuesday the 12th we got to have a playdate with my friend Carrie and her kids.  Carrie and I have been friends for…well forever.  They just moved back here (into the same ward we grew up in!) from Chicago. Although I’ll miss my trips to Chicago, I LOVE that we will be able to see eachother more often and enjoy watching eachothers kids grow up. We sure had a great time spending the morning with them!

2-12-13 (1)x   2-12-13 (7)x

OH my goodness, this cute little thing was sleeping nearly the whole visit…but we LOVED enjoying her once she woke up!!

2-12-13 (30)x

While we were there the kids and I had a pretty good morning routine going.  We had groceries down in the kitchenette and were able to just do our own thing down stairs.  Chores, getting ready for the day, school, breakfast and snacks.  We focused on getting everything we needed to do done early so that the rest of the day could be helping Janine and her family.  I don’t know how much of a help we were, but the kids sure enjoyed being able to see eachother every day! 

The hardest part of our schedule though was that the kids got kinda bored. We got done with everything so early and then Janine’s boys were in school till after 3.  Finally one afternoon the kids inquired about playing with the neighbor kids and we were able to make it work out. The boys had a blast playing outside in the snow, and the girls went downstairs to paint fingernails.

 2-13-13 (22)x

So cute!~                                                          Emma ready to head out on a walk with mommy

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