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Sunday, March 10, 2013

And then there was home again…

Jayden was concentration really hard this particular day in school so I just sat there taking pictures of his studiousness….cute kid!
2-28-13 (6)x
The first Saturday of each month we try to do dates with the kids.  My date with Maliyah was playing soccer at the park then going out for ice cream. We were already dressed for some Baptisms so we just threw on our Tennis Shoes and went to the park all fancy.

3-2-13 (25)x
Savannah helping me make some cupcakes.  She’s like her mom. Loves chocolate.
3-4-13 (14)x
I saw these cute little chicks at Walmart and when you hold them, they Peep.  I had to get one. I put him in a little bag and told the kids I had a surprise.  I put my hand in the bag and let him peep.  You should have seen the kids’ faces!  Lol, they love him. His name is squeaky, and they each take turns watching after him for a day.  Squeaky also brought a special treat for each of the kids to make sure he started out on their good side.  Emma got a little over possessive of him the first day, but she has learned to share since.
The kids wondered if this was a test to see if they were responsible enough to keep a pet.  Nope…just thought it would be fun. 
3-5-13 (16)x 3-5-13 (22)x 3-6-13 (10)x
Savannah was mad at me about something so went to the corner to pout.  She has the best pouty faces.  By the time I got the camera out…we lost most of it.
3-7-13 (4)x
Spending some one on one with this funny little girl can be….well…funny!  She CRACKS me up!~
3-7-13 (11)x 3-7-13 (12)x 3-7-13 (16)x 3-7-13 (21)x 3-7-13 (28)x
Too bad that night she started puking and didn’t stop till the next morning!  I haven’t had a child that sick (puke, high fever, lethargic) for a really long time. It was soooo sad!  Happy that she is feeling better now….not so happy that she is not ALL the way better so she’s still super crabby, but no longer is satisfied with just sitting in mommy’s lap watching cartoons.
This last Thursday Maliyah and Kyson were gone at Juanita’s house (an elderly lady from church they spend 1-2 afternoons a week with…cleaning her house and playing card games), and both the little girls were sleeping so Jayden and I got a little one on one.  I let him skip quiet time and we made cookies.  I let him do LOTS of the work…including eating ALL The cookie dough he wanted.
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