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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ah, Babies. {Twin Cousin’s Photography}

When Maliyah found out that both her new little cousins were born on the same day, she quickly exclaimed “Twin Cousins!”  And yes, exactly just that, but they couldn’t be much more different!  Tiny  6lb 8oz Adelaide with her dark Jaundiced Packer complexion, and Blake…although not huge, definitely big in comparison at 8 lb 6 oz and as light and pink as a newborn gets.  Both about as precious as can be though.
She was very happy to see me (oh wait, her eyes are closed)
This little bench was so tiny….Adelaide just BARELY fit!
Love her tiny fingers in this!  (and her Micaela lips)
Valentines DAy!
OH, handsome little Blake!  Found this little Fedora at Crazy 8 and I just couldn’t resist!
DSC_7245xs  DSC_6856xs
I love this second one of Nate with Blake.  Nate is such a great Dad.  You haven’t heard me talk much about Dixie and Blake, but that’s because Nate was able to save up his extra time off so he could be home with Dixie.  We were able to have the kids over for a couple sleepovers and that was a blast!
DSC_6838xsDSC_6874xs DSC_6954xs  DSC_6821xs
Some of these I edited Adelaides skin to match Blakes a little more, but this one I kept pretty close to the same.  It was so funny doing these.  Knowing how to pose them when their size difference is so great and not sure how sleepy they were going to stay was tricky.
Had I known they were both going to sleep so well, I would have posed them more!
Love these babies.

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