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Monday, July 22, 2013

Updating | June {Utah Stuff}

These are just some pictures we took the Sunday after Ky’s Baptism.  I was supposed to have June posted last week, but can I just say…if I thought I had a lot of pictures from  May….nuh uh.  TONZ more for June.  Sheesh.
  June 2013

Celebrating the June Birthday’s at Grandma’s.  Monthly they have a Family Party for all the birthdays’ that month.  We don’t get to participate very often so this was fun!

June 20131

My niece had her Dance recital and the next night my nephew had his Karate Demonstration.  So fun to see our cousins!

June 20132

Okay, I hope this works.  Janine put together a birthday party for our three kids that had birthdays close together.  It was definitely a party to remember.  We rented a large water slide bounce house, Janine and BEcca made amazing cakes and I had a photo booth set up.  It was a blast!!!  I had way too many fun pictures so I put them in a slide show.  Here's to hoping it will post.

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