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Monday, August 5, 2013

Now the REAL fun begins!

My Aunt Suzanne planned the reunion and the first night we had a HUGE birthday party for Grandma!  Included but certainly wasn’t limited to
  • cake
  • skyping  on a big screen with Uncle Brent & Aunt Sandy
  • Amazing birthday cake
  • and more dancing than I’ve done in a LONG time!~

This is my cousin Natalie and her Husband Noel.  Natalie is also a photographer {Except she’s a REAL photographer} and it’s so fun to talk camera’s and photo stuff.  Her and Noel put together the most amazing birthday video of my grandma.  Grandma is a great story teller, has an amazing memory and has lead an amazing life. The video was perfect!
And i just love Natalie’s face in this second one!
Packer Family Reunion9
My Aunt Lynise made this amazing birthday cake!  And provided our yummy refreshments to keep the dancing going!
Packer Family Reunion2
Packer Family Reunion3

LOTS of cute little girlies in this family!

Packer Family Reunion4

And can’t forget those mischievous but oober handsome boys!

Packer Family Reunion5
Love those beautiful blue eyes!
I wanna know what Natalie was telling nicole to get her to react like this! LOVE you nat!
Packer Family Reunion8

Then….LET the Dancing begin!~  We started out with some line dancing led by Austin and Emma, but then we just got WILD!

Packer Family Reunion7

Notice all the kiddo’s up on the stage….they had a BLAST!!!!

Packer Family Reunion6  

It was a full night full of fun and wonderful memories. We spend the sabbath all together at church, eating together and then touring Farmington with Grandma, letting her share with us all the places there were such a huge part of her life like
  • her Dance studio she ran for 40 years
  • The home she grew up in
  • Grandpa Packers Grave
WE finished off the weekend with a fireside at Grandma’s church.  All our recently returned missionaries and Becca (the one about to leave) shared their testimonies, we had beautiful music and a wonderful spirit.  I’m so grateful families can be together forever because this is one family I’m excited to share eternity with!!!

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