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Monday, July 22, 2013

On the Lords Errand {A Sister Missionary}

As most of you already know, my baby sister is now a Sister Missionary.  It’s kinda weird that I wanted to go on a mission so badly and didn’t get to, and she totally didn’t want to, and is!  But, I know so much that it’s the best thing for her right now. From the night that she made the decision to go, I saw changes in her. Good changes.  This mission will be the hardest, but most wonderful thing she will ever do! (well, Okay maybe besides motherhood!)

I’m very proud of her and have loved her letters so far and look forward to hearing all the rest of her adventures!  These are all the pictures from her last week home.

Farewell Day! We have such a huge family and I LOVE it! It was sooooooo fun to see all my family that I don’t get to see very often. Love you Greens, Gibbons, Woods, Prigmores, Stotts, Harpers,  and Packers(is that everybody that came?).  Lol, there are so many and I LOVE it!  (not in attendance, but I still love those Brent Packers and Herways!)

Becca's Farewell

Hillary is going to kill me for that last one isn’t she? Love you Hil!

Becca's Farewell1

That little furry thing was Ray, Becca’s Hamster.

Becca's Farewell2

Temple Trip with the girls. What a beautiful morning, and wonderful company!  Love my sisters and mom!  And yes, I know….we kinda look like sisters ;)

temple with girls

Of all the events I was in Utah for, Becca’s setting apart was the best.   To hear the amazing words of her Stake Presidency and Bishop….just praising her, talking about her amazing personality and how it will be such a blessing to her in her mission.  I moved out when Becca was 5, so although I’ve seen her grow up, I haven’t really SEEN her grow up.  I really don’t KNOW her like so many of her friends and peeps in Layton.  I love every chance to get to KNOW her better though through her letters now!

becca setting apart

Tradition in our family (and about a million other missionary families) is to have lunch at Brick Oven just before going to the MTC.  Missionaries eat free and definitely get treated well!  It’s such a fun way to spend time together before the final farewell!


It’s the greatest place to take pictures, the parking lot across from the MTC.  LOVE IT!


I love all these pictures!  I’m going to have to put them to music or something. They are very sweet, and great memories of a very happy day for us all.  Surprisingly hardly any tears were shed.  Becca is where God intends her to be at this time. 


Now, I already posted here most of the pictures, but just for the sake of my family...who might feel all sentimental about this, I made a video of the pictures from this week as well.

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