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Sunday, July 7, 2013

May Cont…again {Kyson’s Baptism!}

ON our way home from New Mexico (well on our way to Utah) we stopped by 4 corners. We weren’t sure if we would ever get the chance again so we did. Well, the kid really could have cared less. I guess it would have helped if I would have given them a little geography lesson before hand, but by the time we got there, it was too late. There was no interest in anything, but buying something from the many vendors that were there.  I was able to get Maliyah to at least come down on ‘the spot’ and Emma copied her.
May 2013 (13)
Once in Utah we spent a couple days at Duck’s parents house. WE had a tiny birthday celebration, and of course enjoyed swimming with Grandpa, as always!

Kyson got a new Remote Control car from them, so bright and early the next morning, first thing kids did was head outside with the car….Jammies and all!  THE best picture of the trip?  Savannah Sneezing a snot bubble and I just happened to catch it!
May 2013 (14)
LIke I mentioned before, this trip was our Family Vacation for the year, so we wanted to make sure and take advantage of this time with Duck and fill it doing fun things.  A couple things we did while staying at the Duckworths was visiting the Dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point, and the Church History Museum.
dino museum
church history

The best event of the trip though, had to be Kyson’s Baptism.  He is such a neat kid, and it was a really spiritual baptism. He definitely has a sweet spot for the spirit and really recognizes it.  I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful son!

KYson's baptism5-31-13 (19)xx

PIctured Below:

Grandma & Grandpa Duck
Our Sweet and Adorable Friends the McAllister Family! (Oh how we miss them!)
THe White Treat!  The funny story about our refreshments?  While we were setting up for everything there were some kids playing outside and riding bikes. During the Baptism My sister went out in the hall to get Emma and she caught those boys shoving their pockets and mouths with handfulls of our refreshments!  She told me she chased them down and scolded them and made them hand back everything!  Lol, I was quite humored when she told me and figured that they got punishment enough!  Luckily we made lots and they saved some for us.

 KYson's baptism1

5-31-13 (30)x
One last thing we did do before Duck went home was take the kids to Lagoon.  Oh my gosh that was so fun!  We arranged for my parents to have the little girls halfway through the day. so we did all the kiddie rides in the morning and then the bigger rides later.  Both my sisters joined us and we had a blast!  It’s been so long since I’ve been able to just ride roller coasters and thrilling rides! Maliyah and Jayden are definitely my dare devils, but mostly Maliyah.  We stayed until the park closed.  It was a perfect day! (minus getting TOTALLY soaked on Rattle Snake Rapids)

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