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Sunday, July 7, 2013

May cont – 3!!! {Part of our New Mexico Trip}

I should probably wait to post anything about our New Mexico Trip until I’m ready to post it all, but really all the rest of the pictures or events I have are of the large family events….so I’ll post these now!

We decided to go up a day early to spend some extra time with Grandma, but also this was our FAmily Vacation this year so we wanted to do a little extra!~

We drove one morning out to Mesa Verde. It was pretty cool. NOT the most entertaining place for kids, but there was one hike with Dwellings that was perfect for the kids and really past that it would have just been too long and hot for them anyway.  They had a good time, saw some cool stuff and enjoyed it!

Mesa Verde

Emma turned Two recently and although I get pictures of her all the time, I wanted to really try something else. So when I was at the hotel and had some time alone with just her (I think Duck took the other kids swimming or something), I played around with my camera a bit, while she played on the bed!  So much fun!  And such a DANG cute girl!!!

Emma 2yr

She has this new thing where she pretends to sleep. She does it often when we arrive somewhere in the car.  This girls just CRACKS Me up!

Emma 2yr1

Emma 2yr2

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