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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

May | Project.12 | Bridges

What I really wanted to do for this session was take a journey down the Oregon Coast and get pictures of the kids on all the amazing bridges that are along the highway.  But…ya know, life happens and there was just no way we would have time to squeeze that in.

So instead, for Family Home Evening we went on a Family walk/bike ride on our favorite path, which just happens to have a large fabulous bridge. 

These are not my best work as a photographer, but I enjoyed the time with my family and capturing details of our family time together.  

DSC_0048xxs  DSC_0059xxs

My kids seriously have the best Daddy….love the guy~!


Here they are, stains and all.  Reality of my life.  Beautiful.

DSC_0065xxs DSC_0078xxs DSC_0085xxs

It might just be an irrigation canal, but it helps beautify and bless our tiny town.

DSC_0091xxs DSC_0094xxs

Love when I can get some pretty sunflare!


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Anonymous said...

I just got to see these! Love them. I think my favorite it the one of their heels.. Im not sure why but I like it :)