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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ending a great month

April was a great month.  We had some good school weeks, a great trip to Corvallis (which included some super fun times!), a couple fun Friday’s, many amazing dates with my amazing hubby….definitely great.

May is in full swing. It’s a month I’ve been looking forward to AND dreading at the same time, for months.  It’s going to be my busy month this year. And if you already know how busy I am regularly, then you can just imagine then what a BUSY month will be like.  I look foward to it because Amy Earle of  Simply B Photo’s is coming out from Florida to teach a couple photography workshops. I’m totally stoked for what I will learn and how I will grow from this. 

I’m super excited because of our Family Reunion for my Grandma’s 90th birthday. I LOVE my cousins and am so excited to see them.  I’m also excited about my POsitive Notes recital this weekend because instead of our typical formal recital, we are having it at a Ball Park because our theme is Take me out to the ball game!!  That will be fun.

What I’ve been dreading?  The busy that all these things create.  (I’m not even going to mess with all the other ‘stuff’ I wanted to do this month).  BUT, I’m trying to stay organized, fit in all the necessities first (like time and attention for and to my kids) and then see how much I can get done after that.  Pray for my sanity.

Onto pictures

Last weekend one of our three freezers stopped working.  Unfortunately we didn’t catch it soon enough and most of the food was thawing.  Some of the food we needed to use right away, so dinner Sunday night was PIzza Rolls and Shrimp.  Lots of shrimp.  But because Duck and I are selfish, and only care about our health and not that of our kids (totally kidding there)  the kids got the pizza rolls, and we got the shrimp? Fair?  We thought so, but once dinner was served up…the kids didn’t quite agree.

What would you prefer?


OKay, more collages. I love that they are quick and load faster so here they are.

Emma snarfing town the cheeto puffs at Ky’s baseball game. It was windy, and freezing….good thing we had those cheeto’s or else the girls would have been pretty crabby!

Took some newborn pictures of my friends baby, and her mom and Aunt were visiting from Japan. They don’t speak English. BUT that didn’t stop my girls from making best friends with them.  Emma sat reading books with them nearly the whole time we were taking pictures!

Then last in this group, Maliyah’s good friends Ashlyn & Morgan were Baptized yesterday. It was a beautiful service for two amazing little girls. 


Last, but certainly not least…it was Maddie’s birthday party yesterday! Yup, she turned one this week and Joann threw a super fun carnival birthday party.  I had to leave in the middle with Maliyah to go to the Baptism, but I got back just in time to snatch these pics of her after smashing her cake!  She is just a doll, as cute as ever!

maddie's birthday 

The kids were thoroughly entertained by the bounce house and obstacle course and we stayed for a few hours!  There was a lady to paint faces, she has fish in bowls for party favors, AND pictures of maddie in frames! (the last picture in this post)

I laugh at all these pictures because the kids are hot, sweaty and their hair all got a great workout! lol


OH yeah, and a bubble Machine. It’s the same one we used for Emma’s party and I love it…so much fun!

maddie's birthday1

Both the girls were pro balloon punchers!

And here's the pic that JoAnn gave as a party favor to everybody.  I finally finished editing the rest of this session and can't wait to share the rest!  Hopefully next week I'll have time.


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