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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Crazy Update! (trip to Corvallis, OR)

It’s been three weeks!  I’ve just had things going on Sundays, and my weeks usually are too busy.
Sooooooo, I had tonz of pictures. Just of Emma’s birthday I took nearly 300 pics. Yeah, I’m crazy like that. But she’s just SO dang cute!  To make posting today possible, I ended up being choosey about the pictures I used, and then put them in collages.  It’s the best/fastest way for me to do this.

First week update, our trip to Corvallis. My college roommate Rhonda lives there with her family and after a wonderful visit from them last fall, we were counting down the days till we got to see them again!  WE got to spend nearly five days with them and it was a blast! They were wonderful hosts, the kids had such a great time, and I enjoyed catching up with Rhonda!

One day we went to Newport on the coast. They have a science center (just by the aquarium) and the kids loved it!  They have an octopus and we just happened to be there during feeding time. It was crazy to see that it would actually reach it’s arm out of the water to get the fish the lady was holding.

The second pic on the right (top) is emma in ky’s lap….gotta love big brothers).


AFter the science center we went out to the beach.  It was cold. And windy. But did that stop the kids? No. during the kids game of chasing the waves, then running away from them, both Ellie and Emma ended up getting pushed over by the waves and got soaked!  So below you can see our panty babies….mostly wrapped up in mommy’s laps, but occasionally escaping to play a bit more.


One day we drove out to Salem.  The main reason was I wanted to see the CED store out there and take a peek at the area.  But then we took the kids on a picnic, played at the park and then a carousel ride.  Again it was kind of a chilly day, but again…that didn’t stop the kids!

One night (pictured below) we took a walk as it was getting a bit late. The picture is awful, but it was still fun!

We also made homemade play-dough. Each kid got to choose their color of kool-aid and help make their own. 


WE took the kids bowling, which is a favorite of my kids, but half way through Emma tripped while carrying her bowling ball.  Although she caught herself, her chin hit the ball and split it open. It took awhile for the bleeding to stop, but when it finally did below is what was left.  It doesn’t look that big in the picture, but it was nearly an inch long, and would gape open about 3/4 inch when she leaned her head all the way back. 

Darren got some super glue and I glued it (pictured below as well).  It seemed to look okay, and hold really well, but later she hit it again and the babysitter (I should have known not to leave her alone the first night) tried to re-glue it.  Well….let’s just say the next morning once we got home, I had to peel all the glue off and start over.  Good news is, it’s looking great now!


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