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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Utah Trip Cont….

Emma learned how to get out of the porta crib. One day I spent 1/2 hour putting her back about 20 times, finally I just stood at the door watching her until she fell asleep.  She woke up 1/2 hour later and I put her on the bed and watched her again till she fell asleep. Little stinker.  If she weren’t just so dang cute…..

2-16-13 (1)x

Although we didn’t make huge plans for Valentines, we did do a few valentine-y activities and had a good time with Grandma, Grandpa and Janine’s family.

Making Cakeballs!

2-14-13 (17)x

2-14-13 (23)x 2-14-13 (25)x

2-14-13 (31)x

2-14-13 (34)x

2-14-13 (69)x

2-14-13 (99)x 2-14-13 (41)x

2-14-13 (59)x

Yes, Janine did just barely have a baby and look this great, all dressed up and in makeup.  Oh and we just got hair cuts together. 

2-14-13 (61)x

2-14-13 (75)x 2-14-13 (80)x

And yes, this is me…still in my pj’s, no makeup and didn’t touch that newly cut hair.  Hmmmm…..we’ll keep this image small.

2-14-13 (84)x

2-14-13 (92)x 2-14-13 (99)x

Friday the 15th I got a surprising phone call. It was my brother Jaron and he was inviting me to join him and his family for dinner that night. Each weekend they drive from Dayton Idaho, to Primary Childrens in Salt Lake for their son Jacon’s infusion.  They have food vouchers and hotel paid for (his infusion lasts about 7 hours). 

I rarely get to spend time with this darling family so I was honored to have been able to not only have dinner with them…but without my own 5 distractions(3 were spending the night with gma and gpa Duck and the other two with a sitter)!  I LOVED spending every moment focusing on these darling three boys. Oh how I LOVE them!!! (and all their famous Daves messy goodness!)

2-15-13 (3)x

2-15-13 (8)x

Yes, Lil’ Johns hair and eyes are for real.  This little guy just stole my heart!!!

2-15-13 (9)x

Oh, and to die for lashes.

2-15-13 (12)x

That night I got to spend shopping with CArrie, and then we headed to Janine’s house with Becca to love on baby and work on baby bows  (for carrie’s little sophie) and then nursery decor.  A girls night! Just what I needed!

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Amy said...

You're so cute, Camille. I love the matching skirts you made for your girls. Your children are so adorable! Love you!