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Sunday, March 24, 2013

A quick run down!

(there is a second page of posts again, so feel free to look at the previous posts!)


It’s been a crazy busy week as I hurt my back the beginning of it, so that slowed me down quite a bit. But knowing we would be potty training this next week and i would get nothing done, I worked hard the rest of the week to try to catch up! I even was able to make 3 skirts for Easter today!
After our little update, there are a few posts that have been sitting waiting to be posted for months….so yes they are outdated. But just some family sessions I had done this last fall.  It’s not even close to all of them and I probably never will. Sorry.

Moving on…..

Jayden is SO close to swimming! Our requirement is that before they can do any other extra curricular activities or sports, they have to be able to swim the 15 ft across the pool by themselves.  Jayden is ALMOST there!!!

3-12-13 (41)xs

I’ve been trying to spend more one on one time with the kids during the week.  Thursdays Maliyah and Kyson visit an elderly lady in our ward, so this week my activity with Jayden (while the little girls were sleeping) was making this super hero cape! Not too bad considering we didn’t measure anything, didn’t iron anything and used scrap fabrics.  I let Jayden write his Initial for me to put on it.  After cutting it out, I laid it on the cape getting ready to pin it. When I came back from getting the pins….he had ‘fixed’ it and put it backwards again.  Love it.

3-14-13 (5)xxs

Getting ready for St. Patricks Day!

3-15-13 (4)xs 3-15-13 (33)xs

Jayden had been wanting to make these bird feeders forever and we finally were able to squeeze it in!

3-15-13 (57)xxs

Girly PLay date!  Good thing we have TWO doll houses. Thanks Tracy!

3-15-13 (73)xs

Sunday, St. Patricks Day, we invited some friends over for Dessert. We played Don’t eat Pat, and ate these yummy marshmallow cookies!

3-17-13 (35)xxs

3-17-13 (46)xs

This week Savannah had her little friend Sammie over to play. They hadn’t played in a long time, and were too cute together. They played in the hall playing with their little animals and playing make believe forever!

3-20-13 (12)xxs

Splish Splash!!

3-20-13 (35)xxs

Last night before spring Break started we had a late night and got to make cookie and candy creations.  Savannah was trying soooo hard to get her tower to stay up!

3-20-13 (56)xxs

Too cute!

3-21-13 (5)xs

Love this cute little girl that has such a HUGE imagination!~  God help me remember my intense love for her this week as we begin potty training!

3-21-13 (22)xxs

Also, if you wanna see my photo's from my March submission for Project.12, go here

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