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Sunday, March 24, 2013

A few of the last couple months… {photography}

I got to hold this little guy all during Relief Society at church today. Ooohhh loved it! I also got to hold the other baby born just a couple weeks before him during Sunday School. Perfect day at church!

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My cute little Maddie when she was 9 months!


OH these darling kids and how I love them.  We got to have Jamie stay with us a few days this week while his Dad was out of town and the boys had a blast!




This girls eyes and dark hair just KILL me! she is so pretty.  I constructed the Hot cocoa Stand below for her 5 year pictures, but this ended up being one of my faves because of her eyes!


Took a few of Janah while we were doing Taylors pictures.  She was jumping on the trampoline before this so her cheeks were all nice and rosy!


This was too cute! Just took some family picture of after baby and can’t wait to finish them.


This sweet little gal is the new daughter of the lovely momma above!  I needed to test out this pouch for the lady I ordered it from, and I was lucky to get two adorable models!



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