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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Winter Drive {Weekly Update!}

You all read last week about my deciding to not continue the Sunday Best Project for another year, and joining another photography project instead.  But this is our 1st Sunday of the year picture.
Saturday of last week we went to Medford for a visit to the Temple, some shopping and just a day out with the family.  It was short because we wanted to make sure and be back before it was dark. You can see why by the pictures below!  This was our beautiful drive to Medford.
 1-12-13 (80)x 1-12-13 (82)x
This next picture was literally taken only about 15 minutes after we were driving on roads like in the above picture.  CRAZY how a quick change in elevation can affect the weather SO drastically!
1-12-13 (122)x
This fall when my photo host was changing and I decided I was going to use FB instead of blogging, there were a LOT of photo sessions I did and have not posted and shared on here.  Next week my update will be mostly little highlights from those sessions.  I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I LOVE photographing my family and friends.  I really connect with the photo’s and enjoy the emotions I feel as I edit pictures of people I love and admire.  I’m so lucky to have such amazing family and to live in such a wonderful place full of amazing people.  Our time here in Klamaths could be running short and although I’m excited for the adventures that lie ahead…I will truly miss our amazing friends here. 
Just for fun I’ll show ya a favorite from a recent session. (oh gosh how do I just pick one?   how there are so many I can’t wait to show you!)

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