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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fun Things

Emma has learned to climb up on the couch to the ledge of the counter where the sink is….turn it on and play in the water.  I put a rubber band on the sink and although it didn’t prevent her from turning it on, she couldn’t turn it on, leave it on and play in it.  I have a video where she turns it on, then quickly lets go and tries to put her hand in the water but then it shuts off. She does it over and over till finally she got smart and used her other hand.  Silly girl
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For our Fun Friday this week, I let the kids help me pick up out some fun foods at the grocery store, and they each helped me make part of lunch.  We had Chocolate muffins (which are basically just nasty cupcakes without frosting), fruit pizza’s, rainbow glitter yogurt, and kool-aid.  What a lunch!
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This event is out of order, but last Sunday night for a family activity we did playdough.  We made a few new batches of new colors and got pretty creative!  Yes, I even joined in on the fun!
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