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Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Day with Amy Photography Workshop

Hello there friends!  I wanted to let you all know of a photography workshop I want to host next spring.  Even if you totally aren't interested in photography, just might want to take better pictures, or think if there is someone you know that might be interested in this information...please take a minute to read.


Amy Earle has an amazing workshop, it's where I learned how to really use my camera!  It's called "A Day with Amy" Workshop. It's a full day, lunch included and you get her workbook as well.  She will go over some basic Photoshop and then details on knowing how to use your camera and shoot in Manual.  Seriously it was the BEST thing for me to improve the pictures I took.  Even if you don't care about taking pictures of others, but just your own family, items, pictures for business of whatever....good pictures are priceless to have!

I'll attach a few of my pictures I took THE day I took her workshop (at the end of the post)....little or no editing!  Definitely worth it!

IF you are interested, let me know soon so we can move forward and plan on a date. There is a chance that we might have it up near Salem if I can't get enough interest in this area, so also specify if you would want to attend ONLY if it's here. If we have it up North of course we can do some carpooling and I can look into combining lodging if you are comfortable with that.

Photobucket  Photobucket

This is the link to her website


which has the details on the workshop...not to mention her story and a few of her AMAZING pictures!  I think I have to have 6 committed to take the class before she will purchase her tickets to come out here so I'm hoping we can get some interest!


OKay...one more thing!  IF you already feel like you know your camera pretty well and take some pretty good pictures but might want to go bigger and better (maybe make photography a business?) then I'm looking for takers in her PRO workshop!  She doesn't have a link to information on her blog but here's the basic rundown

* 2 1/2 day workshop

*Covers Photoshop (nearly a whole day!), a morning photo shoot and evening photoshoot with Models provided, and a segment on business as well.

*Her Day with Amy workshop is required, but once enrolled in the PRO workshop you get her online course and online photoshop course for free!  AND Her digital day with amy workbook.

*$900 for all three courses. 

This is what I am really looking forward to!!!  We need more great photographers in this area and this is a great move to do so!  AFter the workshop you will have the skills and ability to really go pro.  After, you could go shoot one wedding or a few family sessions and the PRO workshop would be paid for!

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Again it might be up North if I can't get enough interested....but hopefully I can find enough people here so pass the word on!

Camille Duckworth

These are the pictures we took of Emma at the end of the Workshop.  When I zoomed in I could see MYSELF and Amy in her eyes!~




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