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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Week Update {Sunday Best}

I've been busy this week, taking lots of pictures, trying to get things lined up for school...ordering curriculum (yes weeks later than I should have) and just trying to keep sane.  I'm afraid I think things are only going to get busier, but with major cutting back with photography, music and organizing more....hopefully this school year will be fantastic!  I got set apart for my new calling last Sunday.

I may be a bit overwhelmed by it.  It might just be the timing. I'm sure it's going to be great! But ooooh, how the scouting will be a lot of work. 

I am the new Klamath Falls Stake Primary President.  I might have a presidency...I might not.  Lol, it's been a long process. They called me in April.  I'll admit it took a long time for me to come up with my presidency, but it's been even longer getting them called. That poor past presidency that has thought they would be released since April! Well today was finally the day for them.

I know as a stake calling it's not nearly as busy as say a Ward Primary President on a daily basis...but scouting is really going to take a lot of my time, and travelling to the other wards will as well.  I think the farthest branch from here is about 3 hours.  I hope I can always have a travelling companion!  I already know some reasons why God put me here in this calling. There is much I need to improve on in my life and I know this calling will help push me there.  I begged to keep at least one of my music callings in the ward (I love it!) but there is no way I'll be able to continue Choir Director, but in the mean time I am.

This morning Jayden didn't want to get dressed.  I told him he wouldn't get breakfast and he would have to go to church in his PJ's....Five minutes later he came out of his room dressed.  Glad that worked!

Oh! And by the way...Potty Training is going great!  Still gotta work on the pooping, but I don't even have to ask her to pee...she tells me.  What a big girl! (well she is three I guess!)

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