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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Kyson!

Ky turned 7 this week! He was so excited to be one year older and is already looking forward to his next birthday when he will get Baptized!

Wednesday was his actual birthday which we celebrated with decorations, super nice-ness, cupcakes for his tball team, and a date night with mom! But since Daddy was out of town we waited until Friday to have our BIG celebrations!  Friday morning Ky chose Denny's for his special breakfast. What a fun idea! Duck met us there....we just might have to that again!

It was our Friday fun Day for school so we went to the Library, Subway for Lunch and picked up our Ceramics that we made a few weeks ago. I forgot to take pictures but I'll try to remember for next week!


This year is our 'no-friends' party year so we just had a family birthday party planned with Homemade pizza, homemade rootbeer, games, presents, more games and a late movie night!  We did break the rules a little bit and invited a friend over.  Just not the kind of friend Ky would have probably preferred!  Tonia is a friend from the ward and her husband and teen daughter were out of town so I took pity.  ;)  She fosters three little kids, 27 mo. 22 mo. and 13 mo.  She is a busy lady!  They are the cutest little things though and I loved having them over! Hopefully Ky did too.



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