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Sunday, May 27, 2012

PE, Game Night, Hail? Really?

With Duck out of town I had to take the big kids to PE. NOt a big deal except that it's during nap time! Grrr...

But we had fun, went early, went on a little walk and then got to watch the kids in PE action!

I showed the kids what lilacs were and how yummy they smelled!

Why didn't my elementary school have one of these!?

For Family Home Evening that night, we decided instead of the traditional FHE, we would have a game night once the little girls were in bed. We indulged in treats, popcorn and late night fun! (reason for the splurging?....it was the end of my wellness challenge that my team WON!!! SEE HERE for more info on what I've been doing the past 8 weeks)

I have never tried to teach Jayden how to write his numbers yet. In fact we are just barely starting to really focus on learning recognition. He insisted in keeping our score. I think he did a pretty good job!

Jayden got really upset over something.  In effort to cheer him up, I signed cry...and said it like Nanna does, in a pouty 'cry' kinda voice.  To sign cry, you use both fore fingers and run them down your cheeks like tears.  That's all it took and he was laughing! He was still inbetween sobs and laughs for a few minutes but then got over whatever it was that upset him!

Thursday I took the kids to a local Elementary's school play. It was at the theatre downtown and was a blessed 35, maybe 40 minutes long. Pefect! The kids loved it, the babies lasted for a good 30 minutes before they got too antsy and despite having to walk in the rain to our car that was a block away....at least the Hail didn't start until RIGHT as I was getting into the car! It made for a super fun time once we got home though!


The kids might be in shorts, but it was cold! 

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