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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bath Baby

Savannah is definitely a bath baby. She would take a bath five times a day if I let her!

I noticed the other day that I have quite a few pictures of the other kids in the bath, but not Savannah and I wondered why. Then while she was taking a bath with Maliyah I realized why. Since she has an older brother and sister that sits in the bath with her, I don't. When the others were little I sat in the bathroom the whole time they were bathing. Savannah I RARELY sit in the bathroom when she is bathing. She always bathes with one of the others because it's more fun for her....so when she is with them...I'm not! So I grabbed the camera Saturday night and took pictures of her playing with her favorite bath boys. They are from a Little Einsteins bath set my mom gave one of the kids and it came with Leo and June Dolls. She plays with those the whole time and pretends with them. It's quite hilarious and I should get it on video. But at least I have these pictures!

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