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Sunday, February 6, 2011

I LOVE valentines!

I don't have a lot of pictures from this week and lately I don't have time to sit here and think about everything that happened, so the pictures are my reminder. So this week will be short.

We have had fun though this week doing all things valentines! Having fun leaving special notes and presents for each other and especially dad. The kids have helped with ideas of what to make and enjoyed sneaking them into Dad's work.

Thursday was the Preschool fieldtrip and the little ones had colds so we opted out of going and decided to spend our morning putting out our valentine decorations and making some crafts!

I completely let the kids do all the decorating. I might have to change things up a bit later, but in the mean time I think it's cute that they have so much fun doing it!



We put names on these buckets and cut out a bunch of hearts. Every day the kids can do a nice deed, or say something kind about someone, write it on a heart and put it in someones bucket. I saw the idea on this blog and thought that would be something easy. Jayden even already did one. Of course it was just scribbling, but this and making little gifts for dad has really put them in the mood to do kind things for others. The kids also helped me make the little tags for these. Pink Construction paper that they designed with red heart stamps then glued the names tags on. Jayden is getting really good at...gluing.


I found lots of fun valentine ideas online and this was one I found. Of course the one the other gal did was much cuter and she took the time to go get better paint samples...but I had to work with where I was...walmart!) The kids each wrote things or colored things for dad on the paint samples.


This weaved heart on the left started out as a school craft project...and after I explained that weaving is used a lot in basket making, the kids came up with the idea of taping them together to make a basket. genious!! So we did, filled it with Red fish candies and added this tag for daddy.

Photobucket Photobucket

WE made pink yogurt popscicles. I only had vanilla so we added a few sprinkles of koolaid powder, some chopped up frozen strawberries and then froze!


Another idea I saw on the Brown Paper Packages Blog were these candy bracelets. They really weren't as simple as she made it sound. I wanted the kids to be able to string on the candy's and I could barely do it without breaking the candies...but I let the kids do the ribbons which was great practice for Kyson!

Photobucket Photobucket


Another little suprise for daddy we left at his work. I always steal his change that he empties out of his pocket so I thought I would return a little of what I had taken!


We have a few other fun suprises up our sleeves we'll have to share about this next week!


elise said...

what cute ideas! i've been trying to make v-day more fun for my kids too, have you seen the hallmark commercial that says 'it's not about i love you, it's about i love US' the commercial is a little dumb, but i love the sentiment, loving what "us" is. so we try to do valentines day special for the kids. usually that just means a fancy dinner and a couple little gifts, but i'm totally stealing some of your ideas :) thanks!

Aandwsmom said...

Yet another blog craft thief!LOL
Love the bucket ideas, SO copying those! The change thing is SO cute!
The bracelets are cute, I think I will adapt it to use the red cereal rings(since you said the candy was hard to do) of apple jacks instead but I love how the ribbon in between dresses it up!
Thanks for sharing!

Happy Homeschooling Mom of 2 in Oregon since 2008

Danett said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog. I hope I can give you many ideas in the future! Your family is adorable!! =)