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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekly Update starting May 10th....through

It's been longer than I have ever gone without blogging. We have just had so much going on since the move! I refuse to get into blogging during the week as I already have plenty to keep me busy then, and our Sundays have been taken up by other activites! Mostly traveling, wow we have been gone a lot it feels like, but of course what that results in is LOTS of pictures! So I'm going to post half of what I have today and the rest of it next week. Still in order of the earliest events which for this weeks posting is May 10th and I'll probably go through part of my trip to Utah. Don't forget to look back next week when I will post the pictures of our trip to the coast that just happened this weekend!

And try to take time or come back to see all these...the last post is of the kids' pictures we took while in Utah...there are lots they A R E cute! My mom did a FANTASTIC job. (doesn't she always though?) In fact I'll post a few links to the events....just because there is so much it doesn't want to let me keep it all on one page.

Savannah's 9 month pictures

Girls Night

Hair instructions/tutorial

Kysons 5th birthday party


Baby Micaela is born

Easter Pictures

Coopers Birthday Party

MIcaelas pictures

Savannah's 10 months pictures

All my kids pictures (you wanna see this one!)

It's a lot....and I have more for next week, but if anything this is for me and my kids documentation and if you get to enjoy looking at a few then fantastic!

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