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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Last and Final for June 2013

We had some extra littles in the house one week.  Sara was gone somewhere…now I can’t remember where….I think girls camp, and we got to have the girls a couple days that week. So we pulled out our summer to do list and checked a couple things off.

Lemonade in a Baggie….an old favorite!

Paper Bag Puppets.  An oldie….but new to my kids. 

And then we made a puppet theatre in the hall and the kids each gave each other shows. 

June 20139-001

We just finished up another 8 week challenge and one of our challenges during the week was to make our meals match that of the myplate.gov  plate.  That was a little tricky for me as I don’t eat much grain or Dairy.  But I did my best to make it work. On the left, my Green (well brown), oatmeal with local honey and eggs with cheese.  Then on the right, Guacamole Chicken over Greens and Quinoa and Cheese.  Both were absolutely delish. I took the pictures to share with my team, but I never did.  Oh well.

June 201310-001

Now, this picture below may not seem too significant to most….but to me, it’s HUGE!  Jayden does not do chores. He hates them. He is my child with a mind and determination of his own.  WE have worked on many different methods to try to get him to do chores. We finally found one that kinda works, but not daily.  Well one day, he said ‘mom, I want to do some extra jobs and earn some money”.  Knowing he wouldn’t last very long, I was like yeah, sure, whatever.  Next thing I know he is vacuuming his room.  He ended up doing like 6 jobs in a row!  I was so shocked I HAD to document it!  He was able to earn a couple bucks to go buy something at the $ store.  That’s when I realized money was his motivator. The kids get a quarter each day for doing 1 extra job (which is part of their chores on their chart).  I figure, let’s break up the quarter and let him have a more immediate reward. So we lay out 5 nickles on the counter and each time he finishes a job, he gets to put one in his bank.  Again, MOST days it works, there are still lots of days it doesn’t. It might be getting old, and we’ll just keep trying. But in the mean time at least I know he knows HOW to vacuum!!

6-26-13 (6)x  

The Sunday before 4th of July I lined the kids up for a picture.  Since the big kids crouched down, Emma had to too.  No matter how many times I tried to get her to stand, she refused to be modest. The little stinker.  She sure has a lot of Jayden in her.  They also look the most like me. Maybe it runs even deeper than looks.  Ya think?

6-30-13 (1)x

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