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Sunday, July 21, 2013

A visit from Maddie {oh and some other fun stuff}

OKay, before I get to the real meat of this post, here are a few pictures from this years visit to the Klamath Cruise.  I always think the kids will be bored, but it’s something to do, so we go…and then they love it!

klamath kruise
klamath kruise1

ON the way to the cruise I was looking out the car window and saw an older Gentleman laying down on the side walk with his hands in his head.  I mentioned it to Duck and then saw a woman standing about 1/2 a block from him on the phone.  For a minute I thought, oh…she saw him, keep going, but once Duck saw and I mentioned what his position was, Duck turned around and checked it out. Sure enough this man had lost his balance, fallen and lost consciousness for awhile. The woman found him and called 911 but was too scared to get too close.  When Duck touched his shoulder to ask if he was okay, he responded, but didn’t move much.  Finally after talking to him for a bit, the man wanted to sit up and make his way home.  Duck just kept talking to him, convincing him to stay around a bit longer until the police officer showed up. It took forever!~ SEriously, had this man been still bleeding I would have been ticked!  Either way though, he had a nasty cut on the side of his head, and he had the worst black Eye I had ever seen.  After the cop showed up, the woman who had called 911 came to talk to me and expressed how grateful she was for Duck, and how he was doing a great job helping this man….finding conversation to keep him sticking around. 

  6-29-13 (3)x

OKay….now the fun stuff!  I got to babysit Maddie for a day.  Who’s Maddie? Oh you all know, the same darling little Maddie I’ve been talking about since the week I met her in the NICU over a year ago.  The baby that was so tiny we didn’t know if she would survive.  Look at her.  Isn’t she a doll!?  She’s been well taken care of that’s for sure!


It’s never too early to start to LOVE books!


My kids just LOVE this little girl and eat her up when she comes over.  They had all gathered all the baby toys, and set themselves around her to play.

6-26-13 (2)x

Lol, she kept trying to get somethign between the couches and would get stuck there!    And yes, she thinks she’s something special ;)


Feeding her was hilarious. She would open her mouth SO huge!


She LOVED those graham crackers!


Maddie needs glasses, but she loves to pull them off and play with them! Most of the time though, she is really good at keeping them on.  But look at those beautiful eyes!  Sometimes it’s tricky to photograph her in the glasses and not have the glare…but I’ve been practicing and working on it!


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