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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Savannah {Project.12 | Windows & Doors}

This months theme for Project.12, was Windows and Doors.  I had a great plan in mind.  I mean, we live in Klamath, home of one of the biggest manufactures of Windows and doors!  Well, that didn’t work out. But I think I love what I got even more, because the background is more personal.

Our big kids have been taking swim for years.  YEARS.  They are required to swim across the pool before they can sign up for any other extra activities.  This took a little longer for some kids than others, but they are getting there. 


As the kids would take swim lessons, they would all wait at this window until it was time for their lesson.    Savannah often would stand there looking through the window with them, but she was always left behind to go to the child watch.  This girl loves the water and I know she just watched….wishing she could go be with them! (and often this was manifested through more than just looking!)



Until last week.  Savannah finally got to start swim lessons for the first time.  I haven’t had a child so excited for swim lessons!  Usually after they get started, fear starts to set in a bit before each lesson.  But not Savannah.


She gets giddy when I mention swim.


And even after 30 minutes of freezing her tooshie off, she always begs to stay and swim more!


I just had to throw in this one of Jayden.  This kid is a crack up in swim. He beats the water (literally) and is all over the place.  Today he finally swam across the pool and the first thing he says as he gets out to sit on the side?  “mom, can I sign up for tball now?”  Love that kid!


Back to Savannah, cause really this post is all about her right?.  At the end of each lesson the kids get the chance to jump off the diving board.  It’s a low board, but to a 3 year old I’m sure it seems awful high and scary!  Savannah has yet to jump off. Usually she needs help walking up to the end to practice showing teacher her toes.


Today though…she did it all by herself!  She bravely walked right up, showed teacher her toes then asked to jump off the side. (teacher lets them jump off the side as long as they show their toes).  It won’t be long before she surprises us all and jumps off!


I love this little girl.  She has such a tender heart, a fun personality and loves making her family happy.  I’m excited for this new door in her life to open!  I have a feeling she’ll be swimming before we know it!

(freezing, waiting for her towel!)

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Anonymous said...

Ohh I love it! Such a brave little one.