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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Last random things….

One day for school the kids gotta make fossils out of clay, well pretend ones.  They would find small objects around the house and the idea was to imprint it in the clay, we would cook them, then bury them out in the dirt hill and later they could go find them.  Well unfortunately Savannah and her friend found the clay, and since it was still soft….figured they could wad it all up and play with it again.  Bummer….fossils gone.

Also pictured:
Emma’s bandaged up chin so she won’t keep splitting it open!
Playing in the bath on her birthday….her favorite thing

 01-michi baby emma birthday 1

Our neighbors and friends, Michi and Bryan, had their baby girl last week.  We got the pleasure of having their other two kids at our house for a couple nights.  A few days after they were home we were able to go to their home to visit and bring in a meal. They even let Maliyah and Ky hold the darling 4 lb 13 oz baby!

And yes, she is sucking her thumb in that picture….how cute!

04-michi baby emma birthday 13 \

The kids were asking how to cross eyes and I explained to duck that I can’t very well.  Either my eyes are crossed facing down, or if I move them up, then one eye starts to go straight! So we both tested our cross eyed abilities.

09-Emma's birthday party4

The kids finished up their session of swim this week. Savannah did awesome for her first session. She never did make it off the board, but she got really good at walking up to the edge to show the teacher her toes, and then would jump off the side.  The rest of them LOVE the diving board.

10-swim and museum

Fun Friday this last week was a trip to the childrens museum. We didn’t used to go much because the daily price was, well, pricey. But we finally got the year membership so I think we’ll go a lot more often! We stayed for a good 2 hours and the older three weren’t ready to leave and hadn’t even visited half of the museum (and it’s not that big, just THAT fun!). 

11-childrens museum 413

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