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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Emma!!!

I can’t believe my baby is two!  I feel like I’ve talked about her so much lately on here or on facebook, but it’s so hard not to! she is such a fun girl.  She is animated, loving, cuddly and about the funniest 2 year old I know!

Duck was gone ON Emma’s birthday so we didn’t do much, but the next day she got a package from Gma and Gpa duck, so we had a little celebration and let her open their present.

02-michi baby emma birthday 11

Thanks Ducks! She LOVES her little baby!

Once Duck was home from his trip, and we had a few minutes to settle down and plan something, we had a little birthday party.  Emma LOVES bubbles and books. Originally I was going to plan a party with her 3 little friends her age and the theme was going to be bubbles and books. Instead we had a family party, read her bubble book and then did bubbles outside!

These pictures are of our prep for our little party…..  (oh, and Ky took the picture with the three mini cupcakes and the picture of me….he’s gettin’ pretty good)

03-michi baby emma birthday 12

Oh, yeah….see that tiny pic on the bottom of the strawberries?  The day before walmart got in tonz of strawberries so they had to price them super low. Like $ .50 low.  I’ve NEVER seen them go under $1.00 so I got excited and got 21 of them. I should have gotten more!  Thus why we had strawberry cupcakes! (actually they are watermelon flavored with cool whip on top and obviously then strawberry slices.)

This first pic on the left is the kids waiting patiently in line to get their bubbles.

We also got a new bubble machine and it rocked!!

05-Emma's birthday party

Emma tried and tried to blow bubbles herself, but mostly she just ended up eating them

Here you can see the bubbles all over her lips!!

4-21-13 (176)x

After we had enough of bubbles, we headed inside to let her open her presents. Of course this is the favorite part of every party, but my kids especially love finding anything around the house to wrap and give on birthdays. Luckily I had found enough little things for them all to wrap and give her.

06-Emma's birthday party1

Cake time!  Oh my she was so excited!  She blew hard and was so excited she got the flames out without burning herself (which happened last year) that she clapped!

07-Emma's birthday party2

I think about 100, of the nearly 300 pics I took of her party were of her eating her cake. She just cracked me up. I have never seen her devour a cupcake like that.  Then she pounded another. Either they tasted REALLY good, or all that work playing in the bubbles really made her hungry!

08-Emma's birthday party3

then last random pic of Savannah….who didn’t seem to love the cupcake quite as much.

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