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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Annie Creek

Yesterday we took the kids sledding at a park called Annie Creek.  It’s a great place as there is a lodge with a Wood Stove and picnic tables, and there are firepits at the top of the sledding hill too!  There were a lot of people snow mobiling, but not sledding so we pretty much had the hill to ourselves!
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I took the little girls on a ride around on this little sled.  Then I found a hill that didn’t seem too big and thought if Duck were at the bottom I could let them ride down.  Well, it was faster and bumpier than I anticipated and Duck had to dive in front of them to get them to stop.  It scared Emma pretty bad, but Savannah….although maybe shocked a little bit…got off and just wanted more!
1-19-13 (55)x
She couldn’t get enough so she continued sliding down the hill on her belly. Then when there wasn’t any more hill to slide down…she would walk, then on purpose fall down in the snow.  It was quite hilarious.  One of the time that she fell though, her chest hitting the snow caused her head to whip forward and her face went right in the snow.
1-19-13 (57)x 1-19-13 (66)x
this was the picture I got of Savannah as I helped her up out of the snow.  Lol I was laughing a little too hard.  She had a runny nose so her hair had gotten stuck on her face and then all that crystaly snow stuck all over her hands and hat.  She got over it fast though and was back to falling and playing in the snow!
1-19-13 (70)x
The picture on the right below was when Emma got snow on her glove and didn’t know what to do with it!
1-19-13 (74)x 1-19-13 (80)x
In the car Ky asked if I got any pictures of him, and although I got him on video I realized I didn’t have any pictures of him so he asked that I do. 
1-19-13 (93)x
My poor exhausted baby!
1-19-13 (113)x

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