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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Savannah is 3!!! {Child Photography}

I took these pictures of Savannah quite awhile ago, while we were in Utah at the beginning of August, but this is the first chance I've had to get to all of them!

Savannah absolutely LOVES watermelon, so this was the perfect setup for her!  Usually she gets pretty shy and grumpy for her pictures, but not this time. She was in HEAVEN!!!


She couldn't keep her hands out of the watermelon.  I finally told her to just have at it!


I was totally impressed she was able to pull this thing around!


These are classic Savannah faces.  Love love love her.

The lip!



H E A V E N !!!


Thanks to Melissa I actually got to be in a picture!  (even though I'm all hot and sweaty, cause let's face it...photographing a toddler is hard work!!!)

Oh how I LOVE this little 3 year old!  She has the funniest most contagious smile, the silliest pouty lip and can throw a tantrum like I've never seen.  She makes me laugh so much and brings me so much joy.  Oh my life would not be complete with my little nannie!!

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Kelly said...

These are SO CUTE!!! I love them! You are so good.