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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Week Update! {Sunday Best}

(There is one post that didn't fit on this page, so when you get to the bottom, make sure to go back a page!)

Well, starting school is no easy task! We started a little later than I anticipated because of some things that came up out of my control the week before, but we got most of the organization done, and the kids have been pretty excited about starting, and especially their new books and subjects!  Even during quiet time, Maliyah will ask if she can take one of her school books and work in it.  SURELY!!!

We've had a lot of extra things going on, watching 3 adorable little girls who's family life is a little shifty at the time, but hopefully the mom and Dad will be able to pull it together so they can all be together as a family again soon.  In the mean time I'm grateful for the three sweet faces I get to see a few days a week.  Maybe if life allows...I'll try to get some pictures of them one of these days! I've been wanting to do it for their mom for months now!

This morning getting out to church was a little tricky.  I had visits to make for Primary and was willing to take a couple of kids will me, but had to meet up with Duck at church to get the rest of them off.  Well just as I was nearly ready to get the kids loaded up, (contemplating making Jayden go in his pj's because he refused to get dressed) Savannah peed in her pants (or skirt). So I called up Duck and had him run home so we could be on time. He got Jade dressed, I got Savannah changed and we still made it on time! I was actually 1/2 hour early to my visit because it was closer than I thought.  The farthest ward I have to visit is about 2 1/2 hours away so I get to travel lots!

Here's our Sunday BEst!

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Anonymous said...

Ohhhh! Nanna! I just want to squeeze her. but lets be honest, it would probably make her more upset:) Miss you guys! -Melissa