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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Week Update {Sunday Best Weeks 35, 36, 37)

One of these weeks...things will slow down enough for me to post weekly. I guess summer has a way of changing things up a bit huh?

This week though it was busy in a different way....I actually tried to set aside a LOT of things I needed to do, and instead spent time doing what I want to do! Playing with my kids! We went to the park every day, the lake, took a trolly ride and went camping! It was definitely needed. I'm afraid this next week won't be as enjoyable....I'll have to share more about it next week...if I'm still alive!

In the mean time Here's our Sunday best from the last three weeks, some peeks at photography sessions, and all the pictures of our fun this week! (oh and I'm adding more details about our Kauai trip so click here if you want to read that, or if you missed the video and want to see that.)

Week 35: I love when it's overcast and I can take pictures in a different spot!


Week 36: I was home sick this day so took the picture in the yard. I honestly can't remember the last time I stayed home from church for being sick.


Week 37: The kids Were NOT listening this morning and I was NOT in the mood to deal with it.  I didn't pay attention to who was looking, or even if the camera was straight!  And it wasn't....I cut off their feet.  You get what you get!   (Emma does look really big in this picture though!)


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Anonymous said...

Love love love! I think my favorite is Nanna's face in week 37 Sunday picture. PRICELESS!