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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Birthdays {Duck & Savannah}

Saturday night we already had planned to have a little water party with the kids, so when our plans changed to celebrate birthdays on Monday, we quickly turned our water party into a birthday party for Duck!  Some good friends of ours are also moving on Monday so we had them join us for dinner and a little fun, as well as having over a new family from our ward.

Water Balloon Fight

If you can't use it, drink it!


For the kids, presents is the most exciting part of birthdays. If I would let them they would find things around the house to wrap all day long!  They make letters, notes, pictures and wrap them up as presents  I finally had to put a stop it so we could get the party going!

Instead of a cake for Duck this year, we made pineapple delight. A Dessert they serve at the Polynesian Cultral Center.  It's peaches and pineapple topped with rainbow sherbet, cool whip then marachino cherries. Oooh it's yummy!


Today we celebrated Savannah's Birthday with just our family.  Savannah LOVES watermelon so we decided to have a watermelon party!  Dinner was Fruit Salad filled with Watermelon!  Pretty much that's all Nanna ate.  I added some leftover chicken on the side....but she could have cared less for that!

The kids of course like usual also helped me go crazy gathering presents.  Even if they are old toys re-wrapped!



Maliyah made all by herself this Watermelon game.  At first Savannah was a little shy about it, but she got over it quick and loved it!  Emma even figured it out.


Next we headed out for a seed spitting contest!


Daddy may have won, but Savannah wins for the best effort!  And I lose for choosing to dress my kids all in white on the day we are having a watermelon party.


Emma just had fun walking around and finding all the leftover watermelon rinds on the ground.


Savannah was super excited about presents.  Yesterday at Duck's party she didn't quite understand why he was opening them and not him, since the kids have really been talking up her party and when she is going to turn three.


This girl LOVES her clothes and shoes!


I got these tents (yes I got more than one ) for $6.00 at Michaels!  Yay!  It was the perfect gift...she loved it!


This was her 'big' gift I got on clearance after Christmas.  And good thing too, it's full of cheap plastic that I don't think is goign to last long.  But she totally got the hang of it and rode it around the backyard all night!


Happy birthday to the funniest, smiliest, best hugger ever!  Even this week we invented the tiny hug and she is a pro at it.  She loves to snort when she laughs...fake burp with the kids and give me hugs all day long. I love that she loves books and to be read to.  She finally talks and has escaped some of her shyness and now others are able to get to know the super funny sweet Savannah that I've known all along.  Love you Nanna!


Anonymous said...

You are certainly a busy girl! I wish I was there for the watermelon spitting contest! Everything looked like so much fun. and poor Emma, that girl has had all kinds of bad luck lately(with her dad throwing her into trees and all;) Can't wait to see you!

Anonymous said...

oh that comment is from melissa BTW

Kristy said...

You're such a fun mommy!

Anonymous said...

I didn't throw her into a tree!! She just forgot to duck while on my shoulders!!