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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekly Update, Happy Pioneer Day! {Sunday Best}

Happy Pioneer Day this week! I'm kinda sad because our ward isn't doing anything for Pioneer Day this year, but last year we had such a fun activity! Remember these pictures?

And remember this one!? Oh my gosh so cute!

Either way I wanted my girls to wear their bonnets to church! Although they didn't keep them on their heads long enough to be in our picture...just hanging from their necks

Before church though while we were eating breakfast, I was in a hurry so decided to see what Emma would do if I just gave her cereal to her. I poured most of the milk out once it got a little soggy. Amazingly...she picked up the spoon and used it!!!

After a few minuts I caught her using her hands to put the cheerios on the spoon, then the spoon to her mouth. So cute!

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