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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekly Update {Sunday Best}

I hate getting behind...and even though I have not much to tell about this week, and NO pictures of this week...there are so many just from my weekend last week that this is definitely photo overload! But great stuff.

First business...Sunday Best! First picture is of last week while we were in Utah. Thanks Fords for letting us use your shade!


Then today's. We were SO late for church. We didn't even leave the house until 9. I was quite proud of myself though and the calm that I was able to keep in getting kids loaded, unloaded, picture taken and ushered into church.


We went to Utah last week for five days over the weekend for my brother Austins return home from his 2 year mission in Rome Italy! Lucky guy. We have been countin down his arrival for weeks! Duck was amazing like usual and drove us through the night, then dropped me off at my parents to help them with things while he took the kids to his parents for the day. Poor guy did not get enough sleep during the day.

He met me that night at the airport to drop off the three oldest so they could be there for Austins return.

A couple days during our return home this week I was not feeling well and between trying to just keep up with the five kids AND unpacking...our house was trashed. Then while trying to catch up with school on Friday...the house got ignored and trashed even more! BEsides having more Laundry piled up than I think I have EVER had (and that's not a joke because I don't ever get behind on laundry) I feel today I finally got a bit caught up. But after a busy day yesterday and a fabulous day night with my hubby (the high school musical!)....I shirked in my 'special day to get ready for Sunday' duties which is why we were so late for church this morning. Sigh....I need to be better at that.

Added on Monday :

Two weeks ago I had lost a memory card somewhere in the house (I think Savannah pulled it out of the computer) and I just found it today! I was so happy to get my pictures back)

Part of this photography challenge I'm doing weekly was a 'symmetry' photo. I had a hard time coming up with this one until one night I was sitting on a stool in the kitchen and jayden walked in. I found it!


For FHE we talked about Temples and Savannah was super proud when Dad called on her to help!


Just a few pics of the kids during swim lessons. I don't often remember to bring my camera.


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