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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekly Update and Sunday Best!

so although it's been a great week and we have done some fun things, I was not able to have my 'project' day. For those who don't know I have quit teaching music this semester. The reason? To hopefully get my house back in order. Over the past year it has suffered and I needed a change. My goal was to instead of spending Tuesdays on my music stuff, I will spend that time on a project. Ideally dejunking and re-organizing a room in my house. I have yet to finish A one room because I started with the basement and that's like doing five rooms! But I'm determined to get through it getting rid of TONZ of stuff. It's felt great and I look forward to my project days. Only problem is it's too easy for other things to get in the way (like babysitting for others or going on trips with the family!). I think though I am going to change my project day to Wednesdays. Tuesdays just seem to be too busy.

School is going great though, the kids are doing well with it and I'm seeing lots of improvement since our changes this semester. We are having to make little adjustments here and there and we've had to cut out a few little extra things, but ultimately it's going really well and I'm quite pleased. I've had more time to spend with the littles in the morning and I love that.

Today our Sunday Best had to be fast! We were already really late for church so I think I snapped the camera 8 times....looked at the color once in the middle made an adjustment and finished. When I looked at the picture later I wasn't too pleased. The White Balance was totally off! luckily something I can fix in photoshop! The funniest though was when we finished and I told the kids to quickly go into the church, Savannah just stood there crying. I finally got closer to see what was the matter and her tights had fallen all the way down to her knees! Lol....I usually put a diaper cover on to prevent this and had forgotten this morning. Poor girl!


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