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Sunday, February 26, 2012


This week we had the missionaries over for dinner. I wasn't sure if we would have enough dinner to fill them up so I needed to come up with a dessert. I decided to try a low calorie dessert. So I found a chocolate cake recipe that I modified and added to. I liked it. Duck didn't completely agree. I used splenda instead of sugar, applesauce instead of butter, only egg white, and did 1/2 wheat 1/2 white flour. What I should have done different? Used pumpkin instead of apple (only cause that sounds yummier) and not done the wheat flour. I don't love the splenda taste all that much, but I didn't have any other options for sugar replacement. We ate it warm with a little drizzled fudge sauce and light cool whip. I thought it was yummy.


Thursday morning I hosted preschool at our house. The theme was geography. I didn't find a lot of resources online that worked for that age group so I had to be a little creative. I borrowed a friends globe and I had a world map. So first we talked about the World. Then talked about the continents and learned a continent song. Then we played a game where they each got a turn spinning the globe and while their eyes closed, stopping the globe. Whatever continent their landed on I would tell them a cool thing about that continent and show a picture. I even learned some really cool things! I may have known them at once when I was in school, but I certainly didn't remember! I just found my pictures through google.

After snacks (circle blue jigglers, pretzels and apple slices) we learned about countries, states and cities. I showed them where the US was, where Oregon was and then where Klamath Falls was. I had to get through this information pretty quick so I didn't lose their attention.

Once we got to the cities then I had a map for them, one of the US and one of OREGON. They had stickers and each got to place the stickers where Oregon was and then where Klamath Falls was. Lastly we played a state matching game. I had opened the state coloring pages into photoshop and just added color to them, then put them in a word document and printed two of each. I only did 12 states but eventually I want to finish them all for my kids to memorize the states and their capitals.

We finished off the morning with a dance party! I was going to play the 50 states song, but the kids requested Rio so I made them help me find Rio on the map first, then we played it!


The rest of the day was totally busy for me! I had so much on my list of do's already and then had forgotten that we were goign with Duck to Bend that night for the weekend! So now I had to cram my weekend into one afternoon. It was busy but I got most of my work done and packed for the family. We were really lucky as well to have our friend/babysitter Cassandra come with us! She is a Young Woman in our ward and we had never used her to babysit before, but my friends kids love her. Well the weekend proved her ability to win over the hearts of the kids! They really enjoyed having her and hopefully we didn't totally scare her off! We got into Bend kinda late so didn't have much time to do anything except just hang out in our room and watch a movie, but that's all the kids needed to be in heaven!

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