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Sunday, February 19, 2012

PARTAY! {Mary Kay Party and Girls Night!}

Last night I had a little girls night here at my house. I needed some time with my friends. This is the invitation that I emailed out to them:


Then of course it was followed by the details. I totally just stole all these pictures off the internet somewhere (I just did google images...sorry I didn't track where they came from) so I'm not at all taking credit for the creativity in the cute images!


Anyway, it was a fun time! My friend Lisa is a Mary Kay Rep and she had a fun set up. She just kinda let it be buffet style...set out all the samples she had and let us go at it! It was fun, laid back, and by the end of the night my kitchen was COVERED in the chocolate! Thanks to all my peeps that came! I really needed that!



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