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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekly Update 2-5 through 2-12 {Sunday Best}

Another update! Another Sunday Best! Weeks sure fly around here! But for the most part it's been a great week, I've accomplished much, we had a great school week and I got a date night. That's the most important part of my week ya know! ;)

We did unfortunately have a death in our ward. A young man. It brought back a lot of emotions and feelings from a little over a year ago. The funeral was beautiful and this family is solid as a rock. Their strength amazed me and our hearts and prayers are with them.

This weekend was Stake Conference and our meetings were wonderful The topic was on the Atonement and it was amazing to see how many different subjects and talks....all basically on the Atonement could all be so different! I learned so much, felt such a strong spirit and was so grateful for my husband who was willing to help with kiddo's so I could sing in the choir. Because of singing in the choir though, I had to be at conference early. Then I had to ditch choir early to meet up with Duck when he arrived to get this Sunday Best Picture!

I also had to lead the music in Conference so it was a fast paced morning from one place to another, but what a great morning it was! I'm so thankful for my Savior. For his Sacrifice he made for all of us. For the love of a Heavenly Father to allow the suffering and death of his son so that we can all live with him again. I'm grateful for living prophets so that we can know about all of this! What a wonderful time we live in. I love those wonderful people whom we go to church with and associate with. We are truly blessed!

Happy LOVE week!


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